Exotic Landscape Ideas for Tropical South Florida

Exotic Landscape Ideas for Tropical South Florida

Exotic Landscape Ideas for Tropical South Florida

Exotic Landscaping Ideas for Tropical South Florida

Attracting landscapes are always appealing and increase property values. The greenery exudes luxury and has a calming effect. However, when you’re thinking of ideas for creating a beautiful yard or garden in Tropical South Florida there are certain complexities and a certain set of challenges dealing with our exotic landscape down here. Yet, we are blessed with many different species and opportunities to try innovative ideas for landscaping homes in Miami. Here are several suggestions that can come in handy for you if you’re looking for creative Florida landscaping ideas.

Species for Tropical South Florida

Palms are the obvious choice to give your home that tropical feel we all desire. Bromeliads, bamboos, and gingers are also very popular and pair well together. Your yard or garden will be incomplete without the Gold Lantana. It’s an attractive plant that suits our local conditions. It is a type of plant that can be easily planted in a variety of gardens, it contains a sap that can attract butterflies and can make your yard much more vibrant and attractive. Along with Gold Lantana, you can also opt for Aztec grass for trying something different yet appealing. Although, the Aztec grass is not a native plant yet it can suit to the conditions of this region quite easily. Not to mention it doesn’t require much maintenance as it can be grown without very much water.

For adding the element of beauty in your exotic landscape, you can consider planting dwarf fire bushes. Not only it will make your yard look more beautiful to look at but can also attract wildlife.

Another idea that you can use for landscaping in Miami is to opt for vegetable gardens. Many people assume it isn’t easy to grow them in Florida because of high temperature but if done correctly with the proper species this is not completely true. Growing vegetable gardens provides you the opportunity to grow some of the vegetables for your own use i.e. tomatoes, onions, peppers etc. Not only it will be healthy for you but will also make your yard much more attractive. However, you will have to take some precautionary measures to deal with the insects and soil conditions. Both can wreck havoc on gardens here in South Florida. Our soil in this region is usually considered to have fewer nutrients; it can be difficult to grow vegetables. However, you can grow the vegetable plants by adding soil additives and rich potting soil mix to the plant bed so that the vegetables get the required nutrients to grow properly. Or build raised beds, which is advisable here in Florida.

It requires a decent amount of time and dedication to achieve a lush, exotic landscape in your yard you’re aiming for. A tip that can come handy for you is to utilize ideas that do not require much maintenance. You may not be able to devote much time for any number of reasons to your yard, so this will make life more enjoyable. Or, you could contact us and we will do it for you professionally and completely hassle free.

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