Landscaping in Miami Florida

Landscaping in Miami Florida

Landscaping in Miami Florida

When you hear the word “Landscape”, what comes to mind first is “diversity” and a notable difference from the normal piece of land we see around us. But, another question is “What kind of diversity?” Practically everyone has heard of reserves right? A large piece of land where different kinds of animals are kept to breed naturally, both for tourism and also to avoid endangerment and extinction. The only difference between a reserve and a landscape is, while reserve focuses on animals, landscapes focus on mainly plants. But what is Landscape?

What is a Landscape?

Landscapes are illustrations of a piece of land, might be rural or not, whose beauty is measured in the form of visual allure. If you want to look at it from another angle, landscapes are depictions of a countryside. As earlier mentioned, landscapes are related to biodiversity, both in animals and plants. Biodiversity, or biological diversity, refers to variety of life and life processes, and includes species diversity, habitat diversity, and genetic diversity.

Landscapes comprises both the physical feature of the land, its landforms, ephemeral components like weather conditions, living elements such as mountains, hills, and structures, and how all of these are able to co-exist with both man-made and natural structures.

Landscapes could be man-made. You can intentionally changes the beauty of a piece of land by changing the contours, vegetation, and so on, while some are quite natural and do not need much alteration by man.

What is Landscaping?

A landscape can be said to be a pictorial representation of a rural piece of land, often measured in terms of aesthetic charm, or is quite similar to a pictorial depiction of an area of countryside, precisely within the category of landscape painting. When individual deliberately change the aesthetic look of an area of land by changing vegetation, contours, and so on, the land can be said to be landscaped.

A landscape can also be regarded to as a visible feature of a piece of land, the landforms, how they co-exist with man-made or natural structures including the physical components of geophysically defined landforms like water bodies (ponds, lakes, seas and rivers), hills, transitory elements such as lightning and weather conditions, living components of land cover including different forms of buildings, structures and land use, and mountains.

The earth contains a wide assortment of landscapes, such as the agricultural landscapes of tropical and temperate regions just like the landscapes in Miami, the mountainous or densely forested or wooded landscapes including tropical rainforests and past boreal forests, icy landscapes of Polar Regions, vast arid landscapes.

Landscape Designers in Miami

Landscape design is a stand-alone profession and a design and art culture, carried out by landscape designers, mixing nature and culture. Landscape design connects landscape architecture and garden beautification together.

Landscape design lays emphasis on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of elements of landscape and plants within it. Landscape designers sometimes work with professionals in related fields such as geography, architecture, surveying, civil and soil engineering, botany and other artisan specialties to achieve desired results.

In the ancient times, landscape designers did not have formal education and were trained by apprenticing. It was not up until the 1890’s that the title of landscape design was created, with education and permit requirements for using the title legally.

Landscape design is now offered at various levels and at different institutions. Departments of landscape design/architecture are located within university faculties of architecture or environmental design, with undergraduate and graduate programs available.

Landscape design projects will often involve both landscape designers and landscape architects. Both roles sometimes have an overlap of skill and talent between them, depending on training, permits, and experience of the professional.

Factors that are considered during landscape design include objective features like: recreational amenities; climate; orientation and topography, groundwater recharge and property drainage; building and municipal codes; soil and irrigation; automobile and human access; lighting and furnishings; natural plant habitat; security and safety of property; construction details; and other important considerations.

Some subjective qualities considered when designing a landscape include qualities like desirable plants to be used on site, client’s preferences and demands, and many more. Planning and designing of sites are now being done by landscape designers remotely during the manipulation of images in 2-D. This might sometimes be challenging due to the lack of sufficient visual supplementary data such as soil examination and pH tests.

Being a major city in South Florida, Miami is ranked as the eighth most populated city in the whole of the United States, and is known be the heart of finance, arts, media, and culture. The city was also ranked by Forbes Magazine as Americas cleanest city in 2018, which was a result of its quality and clean throughout the year, and also its wide variety of green species.

In Miami, there is a cultural and natural vibe that flows in the air that can hardly be found in many other cities, which makes landscape designing an essential factor. Most of Miami’s real estate use landscape design for its natural feel, and to beautify the property. In Miami, landscape designers earn as much as $92,880 on an average, making it one the best three most paid cities for landscape designers in the whole of the United States.

Some of the highest paying industries for landscape designers such as botanical gardens, million dollar estates, and outdoor recreation areas are located in Miami. The high pay rate is due to the intense planning, designing, and dedication that landscape designers put into their work. So you can be rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

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